In praise of the noisy fuck up

You’re the kid who parties hard on Friday and tells all your teachers on Monday

You could never sit still
Never quite hold it together
Never stay focused through the end of the quarter long enough to get honor roll….

even once.

You are loud in your failures
Everyone knows your frailties
Because it never occurs to you to lie about them…

until one minute AFTER you’ve told the whole class.

Well let me tell YOU something kid:

You’re going to be just fine.

You may drive us all crazy, end up in the office, our grounded…or on probation before judgment,

but better now than later.

Now is the best time to fuck it all up.

The alternative is worse.

The alternative is perfect tragedy. Self-contained disaster.
The alternative is the kid who seems to do everything right. Brings home perfect grades. Leads the perfect life. Never lets on to any of us the depth of his or her self doubt. Self destruction. Holds it all together. Saves the meltdown until no one is near. No one hears their howl. No one suspects…except maybe you.

People tell you things. You’re so screwed up anyway you become everyone else’s confessor. Somewhere deep down they wish they could turn themselves inside out like you have. Laugh as loud. Cry as often.

Somewhere deep down we are all a little jealous of the noisy fuck up…

Because in the end, you get the help you need, get the love you deserve, turn the corner, and start helping everyone else

lose their shit,

and then

hold their shit together.


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