Lenten Lo Mein

Welcome to the lived Lenten experience of this working parent. No Eucharist. Just a sacred bowl of tofu stir fry.


(At Dinner Tonight)

Zach: “Is there something you want to think about giving up for other people?”

Kip: “I’ll never give up! I can do anything!”

Ivy: “Yea! Just like Kung Fu Panda!”


This first day of Lent was a messy one. A two hour school delay for half the household. Four meetings at four locations scattered across Anne Arundel County. Phone calls in the car between destinations…not hands free. “You have exceeded in your inbox limit” of unanswered emails. After care. Dinner Prep. Duplo pick up.  Birthday party to-do-list. Lost monkey. Tears. (Theirs not mine). Sleep. (Theirs not mine).

It’s on days such as these I can get romantic about the life of a monk. Not the celibate part. Not even the drunken part. The quiet contemplative part.

There was no time in the day for quiet reflection…until now. 9:13 PM

This is the lived Lenten experience of this working parent. No Eucharist. Just a sacred bowl of tofu stir fry.

Still, last year, my experience of a blog post a day, was a transformative journey. My “imperflections” lead me into new traditions and routines. Forged new friendships. Deepened old ones. Perhaps most importantly, it helped me experiment with this instrument called my voice in a space carved out by the best of human aspirations. 40 days to become better. 40 days to be more generous. To make sacrifices for others. To pry our hands off those things that weigh us down so that we may pick up new habits that propel us forward.

So again this year I launch myself into a contemplative writing practice not because I’m ready…but because I’m not. Not because I know where I’ll end up, but because I cannot begin to guess. These posts are simply the candid selfies along the way. The backdrop will not be some Icelandic cliff-side. The background cluttered and colored with the life I live.


Creating space for the sacred amidst the mundane has an odd way of making the sacred more prevalent and the mundane more profound.

Let’s see where this stir-fry takes us.


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