Tenacious Tuesday

Solidly rooted in the present, Tuesdays are a frenetic delight.



Today was a frenetic delight.

Rushing from task to task, light on my feet. Spinning and pivoting. Spry and playful. Internship warehouse visit here, impromptu mentorship book club there. Texts, tweets, and emails flying.

Turns out I love Tuesdays. I suspect this is an atypical affinity. I’ve only recently identified this affection and so, what better way to use a Lenten reflection, than delve into the pleasures of an unexamined love. It must be love because, by chance, this was also paperwork day, and I wasn’t even bitter. When I can face spreadsheets with tranquility, it’s gotta be love.

More proof of Tuesday’s charm? I cleaned my house, made dinner, bathed the urchins, went to Yoga and I still have enough energy at 10:47 to write this.

Damn, Tuesday. My hearts all aflutter.

In Ordinary Time, I might take a day like this for granted, but this is Lent, and everything takes on a deeper resonance. As it turns out, upon deeper reflection, Tuesdays are typically my most productive and creative days. Why? I wondered.

My theory is that Tuesdays are embedded in the present.

While Sunday is “officially” the start of the week and Monday has the burden of being the beginning of work (for many), Tuesdays are without resentments or high expectations. They do not bear the cruel burden of “hump” day, they are not so far to the end of the week that you begin to feel like you should have gotten more done or you wish it was just the weekend already.

Tuesdays are solidly rooted in themselves.

They are like the second mile in a five mile run. Your limbs are loose and light. The air is cool in your lungs. The landscape is crisp. The playlist builds. You feel like you might just keep on running past the five mile mark.

That’s Tuesday.

By Thursday you’re like, “Screw Tuesday. I’m walking.”

Part of me wonders whether more days might harness the tenacity of a Tuesday. Another part of me is pretty sure it would lose its power without the contrast.

So for the remainder of Lent, I will observe and test this theory of tenacious Tuesdays. Perhaps it will become my high holy day. An enervative festival of prolific abundance.

Here’s to Tuesdays.

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